We value intentional relationships focused on mutual passions.
We count on being driven, resourceful, and detail-oriented in order to succeed. 
We are passionate about interpreting beauty in the everyday.
We believe in encouragement that empowers an entrepreneurial spirit.

Sweet Root Village began over a glass of wine and dreams of a creative and wonderful future doing what we love most: floral design and photography. These two creative outlets merged our individual passions and have grown to be inseparable from who we are. Our studio space in Alexandria, VA is where all the magic happens. We have an amazing team that shares our passion for life and for people, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the bonds we’ve formed and friendships made with all sorts of amazing couples over the years! Est. 2010




Lauren loves olives, vintage glassware, and math. You will find her knee deep in spreadsheets and finances to unwind from a stressful day. She is the ultimate problem solver and can always seem to make a near impossible situation not quite so impossible. She has rocking style, can efficiently pack a car like none other, and does not sleep enough. Her favorite flower is a daffodil, she scores the most amazing vintage pieces when thrifting, and she loves pouring milk over her ice cream.

Her real life consists of marriage to a man fondly known as @kirkwhodoesnthaveaninstagram with a little baby boy Walter and a stubborn fox hound named Lou in their DC home. (photographed by Rachel Lyn, hair and makeup by Makeup by Ana B)

meet rachel



Rachel loves laughing, organizing, and cloth napkins. You will find her eating frozen grapes while watching Netflix or reading a good book to unwind from a stressful day. She tends to obsess over the smaller details and thrives in the presence of other people. She blogs all the things, wishes she had an endless budget for endless gatherings all the time, and does not sleep enough. Her favorite flower is usually a ranunculus, she ends too many email sentences in exclamation points, and she loves coffee ice cream with root beer.

Her real life consists of marriage to an Italian man @hopskotchradio with their little ones #miaroseypants and #judebaer in a townhouse in the Virginia suburbs. (photographed by Rachel Lyn, hair and makeup by Makeup by Ana B)

meet rachele

designer, rockstar


Rachele loves whales, corgis, and denim. She is a rockstar in all things and a super spirit-lifter who joined Sweet Root early 2014. We literally have no idea how we are so lucky to have her as part of our team! She works really hard in the studio and at weddings, always with a hand in everything. She is such a wonderful designer. Her favorite flower is a tulip, she has a pretty gnarly roundhouse kick, and she prefers ice cream loaded with all the sprinkles.

Her real life consists of marriage to a nerdy ginger in a sweet DC home just a few blocks from Lauren with their crazy kitty Chi Chi and dopey pup Skwert dog. (photographed by Rachel Lyn, hair and makeup by Makeup by Ana B)

meet joy

designer, rockstar


Joy loves 80s dance parties, peppermint flavored everything, and chubby fat babies. She is the kindest and most supportive of souls, always seeking to ease the burdens of those around her and to make everyone a wee bit happier. She joined Sweet Root early 2015! She is a powerhouse in the studio, super detail oriented, and a fabulous budding designer. Her favorite flower is queen anne’s lace, she likes when her kombucha doesn’t explode on her, and she prefers mint chocolate chip ice cream – the green kind. Never white. That’s sacrilege. Her real life consists of marriage to pistol pete, with their newest tiniest little baby Oliver, and a sweet pup Henry, with an array of happy house plants in a beautiful home also in the Virginia suburbs a few blocks from Rachel. (photographed by Rachel Lyn, hair and makeup by Makeup by Ana B).

meet natalie

designer, rockstar


Natalie loves iced lattes, houseplants, and a good cheese board. She is a trained speech therapist who dove into the world of flowers over the past couple of years, helping various florists and ending up spending a lot of her free time at the Sweet Root warehouse starting the fall of 2016. She officially joined Sweet Root early 2018! She excels in every area she puts her mind to and brings a sense of peace in the daily life of the studio. Her favorite flower is ranunculus, she is really good at card games, and she prefers peanut butter oreo ice cream.

Her real life consists of marriage to her dental hubby Dan, with their cooing baby girl Jane, and happy pup Finley living in a charming brick historic home in Annapolis.

meet lauren

No such thing as a bad idea if it leads to new and exciting challenges.


doing big differently

Spending every meaningful moment with your people.

intimate events


Bring on the floral cape. All the better to fight crime with.

awesome corsages


I mean, really. Who doesn’t want to be encircled by flowers?



Give us any ceiling and we’ll figure out a way to get flowers up there.

great ceilings


Fantastic conversation, intimate candlelight, and endless design options. 

long tables

a few of our favorite things


our studio

We have a sweet production warehouse in Alexandria, Virginia. It constantly fluctuates between tidy and disastrously messy depending on what sort of projects and weddings we are working on. We love hosting gatherings and shoots here and love having a bunch of other small business owners in the building to share our days with. Shoot us an email at and come grab some coffee with us


When I'm not traveling or photographing, I can be found curled up on our coach with a candle lit, enjoying a glass of deep red wine with my husband.

in my spare time

Fashion is my first love, and still informs my shooting style, my approach to posing, and my tendency towards editorial imagery, layers, and texture.

in my spare time


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