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learn with us on VILLAGE SCHOOLHOUSE

The team behind Sweet Root Village is bringing you educational content in the form of a monthly subscription that offers floral recipes, tutorials, tips and tricks, templates, business chats, and more! 


You can currently join us for several monthly flower recipes: We'll give you the stem counts of each variety that we used in our favorite designs of the month's events. From bouquets to installations to centerpieces! We'll mix it up! You'll also get the basic details on mechanics and vases we used and what we charged the client. Download and save all the recipes cards for easy reference as you grow your business. Feel confident in your flower orders and your pricing!

- sydney, VILLAGE SCHOOLHOUSE subscriber

"Just wanted to say this helped *tremendously* with a suspended wreath I worked on this weekend...

It was a different product entirely, but your recipe helped me so much building mine that I basically had no wasted product!"


"Literally answered all my questions. I feel ready
to do so many of these things...

The information and the detail you have, as a newish florist who wants to take on more ambitious projects, is priceless."


“I struggle to create recipes and usually, I just wing it, but winging it every time is super stressful...

and I feel like I am losing money because of that. This gives me a great base to start creating my own recipes and hopefully start earning a bit more.”


More than five hours packed full of rich content focusing on design and strategy for a profitable business including pricing, staffing, and in depth floral design techniques.

sweet root 



We are creeping up to nearly thirteen years in business and have weathered many changes in the growth of Sweet Root– adding employees, moving spaces several times, growing our families, taking on large scale projects, and more!

We have grown to love the BUSINESS of flowers as much as we love designing flowers and will use any excuse to chat about the behind the scenes of owning and running a profitable flower business! We want to be here for you and to help you as well! Whether you are starting in flowers, getting ready to take the next step in your business, wanting to overhaul your pricing or processes, or just need a friendly ear to talk you through a difficult flower season. We’ve GOT YOUR BACK!

one on one



We offer 1 hour sessions for $300 with the two of us over video chat and nothing is off limits! Ask us anything! To book a session with us, pop on over to Village Schoolhouse and purchase!

Each Spring and each Fall, we offer a
ten-week internship program to one or two individuals who join us for an action-packed season of wedding and event design
and business learning.

sweet root 



- Cory, SPRING Intern 2019

"Floral design was so off my radar, I’d never created a DIY centerpiece let alone an arrangement for an event space. But...after following Sweet Root for a few months they announced their internship openings and I thought “Huh, I’ve got the time, why not?”. When you join this team you’ll hit the ground running. No fear, with their positive, welcoming, figure-it-out spirit you’ll learn that anything is possible (within reason, time travel is hard guys). Oh, and everyone who works here is a snack loving, kiddo chasing, compassionate doofus. You’ll love ‘em!"

- Haylie, SPRING INTERN 2017

“I took the SRV internship to figure out if floral design was as dreamy as I imagined. Spoiler alert - IT IS!! Thanks to the mentorship of SRV I learned EVERYTHING about floral design: the dreamy artistry bits, the grungy shlepping inventory, washing buckets bits, even the business bits. About a year after my internship I was able to open my own studio and I am seriously so grateful to have learned from some of the hardest working, talented women ever”


“I’ve never had so much fun going to work! The whole team was so generous about sharing their knowledge whenever I asked questions—I learned a ton about floral design and event prep, as well as the business side of things. I loved witnessing the positivity of the SRV team from the inside. It was a great encouragement to just be yourself and be kind, and I’ll take the lessons I learned forward in my own business. What can I say, it’s fun to join a friendly and well-oiled machine!”

- Jory, Fall Intern 2018

 "The SRV internship kind of took me by surprise. Working with flowers wasn’t even on my radar. Then I met these amazing ladies and when the timing was right I got to be their fall intern in 2018. This internship opened the door to a passion that I never knew was there. These boss women poured tons of knowledge out and I soaked it all up. Because of them and the internship, I have opened a business of my own in Richmond. This helped open my eyes to a dream I never even considered!"

- NIKKI, Fall Intern 2019

"I tried the Sweet Root internship because I knew I could learn so much from working with Rachel, Lauren, and the rest of the Sweet Root staff. From the beginning, I could tell how much they loved what they were doing and the passion that they had for florals. From the practicalities of owning your own business to the creative process of making an arrangement, they had so much insight to give and were willing to teach me as much as possible. Honestly, I wish I could be their intern again because I truly enjoyed this process so much!"

- SHELBY, Fall Intern 2017

 "The Sweet Root Village internship was the single most beneficial experience for my floral career. Everyday was a new opportunity to practice design with leaders in the industry, you just can’t get that kind of training anywhere else. The crew at Sweet Root Village are by far the most helpful, kind, creative and hard working women I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. I’m so grateful for all the time they have poured into me and even more grateful to call them friends."

- Melissa, SPRING Intern 2018

"Interning with Sweet Root allowed me to gain confidence,
knowledge and understanding of the greater flower industry and
allowed me to bring skills back to my shop that have transformed
the way I operate as a team member."

Would you like to join our weekend
event crew? No floral experience needed, just a cheerful countenance and a hard-working attitude. Find out more and apply through
this link below.

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